Why I love Her – Movie Review

2014 was another year of expected Oscar winners but I was thrilled to see Spike Jonze’s Her  at least get a statue for best original screenplay.

If you didn’t like the film that’s fine but I hope that your opinion is based on more than disapproval over Scarlett Johansson’s role as Samantha. I would love to hear a better argument than the one from audiences that ruin their own viewing experience with Scarlett’s physical appearance… specially since we don’t even see her in the film. Don’t named actors deserve an opportunity to be someone different in every film? The role of Samantha is hard to conceptualize and it was probably also difficult to develop, pitch and a tough casting call. To me this is precisely what makes it so interesting.  We get to see how something goes from being an OS to becoming… God?

The cinematography is stunning. Every frame is captivating, crisp and carefully arranged. It was obvious that everything was thoughtfully orchestrated to achieve cohesiveness between all elements like the art direction, sound design, editing and the costume design. I loved the color scheme, the simple lines, the nostalgia of the retro designs. All of it worked in perfect balance and calling it “hipster” doesn’t take away from its artistry.

I walked out of the theater feeling happy. I don’t remember the last time I experienced this kind of contentment after watching a film. The story is not emotional in the same way as other love stories are, but it is poignant. I was glad that Her was made. Spike dared tell a story that is cutting-edge, fresh, thoughtful, subtle and poetic. At all times, audiences are delighted not only with warmth and style, but with plenty of silence and stillness to take everything in.

Debates about connection and love is ultimately what keeps us going back to the movies. This film gifted audiences with the opportunity to explore a future in which the world could be lonely and cold (this is how my brother and mother interpreted the movie) but perhaps it could be viewed as a world that’s hopeful and optimistic. I connected with the positive side of the argument. I’d like to think that maybe connectedness doesn’t always have to come from human connection. I applaude this story for not judging itself but rather exploring the possibilities of a world that is complex and ultimately ran by an elevated understanding of oneness.

To me, Her decidedly gets 5 out of 5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Why I love Her – Movie Review”

  1. I didnt even notices it was Scarlett before reading this. Who had issues with Scarlett’s (non) appearance?

    Joaquin Phoenix was a great cast (his mustache is genius).

    I liked the way it shows you that you can feel very unique and important, but if you get to ask the correct questions you can quickly realize how insignificant you really are.

    1. Hi Ehud!

      I’m glad you found this post even thought I wrote it a while ago! You know? I didn’t realize it was her either until somebody told me it was, but I think if people went to see the movie knowing that it was her, they were probably incapable of letting the voice be its own person. Instead, they probably couldn’t help but see her in their minds. She is beautiful after all!

      I still really like this film too.

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