Snow in Serbia

Serbia is not always snowy but arriving in Belgrade in the middle of an unexpected snow storm, after spending two months under the tropical Thai sun, made the white more impressionable. I was told that waking up to a Christmas-like landscape in March was as much of a surprise to the locals as it was for me.

I hadn’t seen snow like this in over a year and I have to admit that overlooking the mountains from a warm living room while drinking a cup of coffee was incredibly cozy. I didn’t spend too much time outside because as romantic as the snow can be, it can also be slushy and inconvenient when it comes to wanting to explore the outdoors.

11058267_872000393766_7698752125478162406_nMy time is Serbia was dominated by exciting card games and movie marathons. We filmed a short film, made home cooked meals and took a couple of trips into town (Prijepolje) and to Sarajevo (in Bosnia). You might think that all that relaxation ought to lead to a sharper mind, but in my case, I was so consumed by feeling at home that I forgot to charge my camera battery before both trips and I didn’t manage to take any pictures of the cities. It was a shame, in Sarajevo specially which is one of my favorite places in the Balkans with perhaps only Ohrid in Macedonia (photograph below) surpassing it in terms of favoritism and beauty.

318828_653140989766_1537120108_nIn any case, the memories remain and more photos will come from future trips. After two weeks in Serbia I had a hard time getting ready for the epic journey that I had ahead going from the Balkans in Eastern Europe down to Venezuela in South America, my last destination of this round the world trip. I cannot think of two places that are more opposite in terms of weather and politics but at the same time, two countries that share a similar economic struggle with one trying to settle into a capital system and the other fighting to adapt to a socialist regime.

By the time I left, the snow had started to melt and farmers were getting ready to prepare for raspberry season. Serbia is the major world producer and exporter of raspberries and specially after the deep recession following the Yugoslav Wars, raspberries are specially important for the Serbian economy. Just another reason for me to go back and enjoy the sunny side of Serbia.