It’s awards season boys and girls!

I looove the red carpet, I love it. I love picking the best and worst dressed, the speeches, the fuck ups, the emotional rants. This year I went to see the Golden Globes at Producer Heather Haggarty‘s house. The cocktails were fabulous, the pork was a little fatty, and at the end of the night I left Heather’s house with a promise to get up to speed before the Academy Awards. So far I’ve seen most of the films nominated for best picture with the exception of Lincoln and Beasts of the Southern Wild. All the rest:  Les Miserables, Django Unchained, Silver Linings Playbook, Life of Pi, Zero Dark Thirty, Amour and Argo I have seen and I am very underwhelmed.

Where are the memorable moments of supposedly the “best films of 2012”? So far, the nominees for best documentary film have been far more stimulating and thought provoking with Searching for Sugar Man and The Invisible War (go ITVS!). Does anyone know why documentaries can’t be nominated for best picture? Really, I would like to know.

I believe in the power of good performances and am sad to admit that… none have swept me off my feet this year. There are some very strong moments:
– Anne Hathaway’s solo song in Les Miserables was great yet I really hope I don’t have to listen to another one of her overly rehearsed speeches.
–  I loved Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook and I wonder if a romantic comedy could award him the golden statue.
– Samuel Jackson was brilliant in Django which was probably the one aspect of the movie that I really enjoyed.
– Jessica Chastain was good in Zero Dark Thirty but to me, rather than her performance, it was the symbolism of her final close-up with the white straps and the red background, what made the moment memorable.

I have not seen Lincoln yet (Sue McNamara: I’m still rooting for you!) so I have not lost faith. If I had to pick a favorite  right now my vote would go to Argo for one simple reason: Ben Affleck just seems like a reeeeally nice guy. Yes, awards should be about more than that. They should all be about celebrating the best films, the best crews, the best performances; they should not be about grand screening parties or profitable distribution deals. But we have to remember that Hollywood is a business and the Oscars, its biggest political campaign.  Ladies and gentlemen, come February 24th I hope you enjoy the show.

Props to these gals

I’ve been told that when it comes to social media, one has to be generous. I find that to be good advice for pretty much anything we do. In generosity one finds self satisfaction; it’s the karma thing and the fact that ‘what goes around comes around’ because only in generosity we can grow. Got it? Very well then, enough of that.

In an effort to be generous with my writing, I would like to make a habit out of posting one “appreciation blog” every month. For this month’s post I will focus on three fantastic women in the entertainment industry. I decided to group them together because: They are all still active in their careers; they have achieved significant fame and recognition and they have all incorporated quality writing into their original art of choice. And of course, I like them all.

Amanda July (Filmmaker, Writer, Artist) – I was just in the bookstore this weekend when I ran into a copy of No One Belongs Here More than You. In the beginning, I didn’t realize that the writer, was the same Miranda that directed all those corky, off-beat indie comedies about awkward relationships. I have always loved her films but I found out from visiting her website that she is a very well-rounded artist with plenty to say and the creativity to make it interesting. Amanda: Thank you for your awesome hair.

PJ Harvey (Musician, Songwriter, Actress) – I chose PJ because I have the same birthday! Okay, maybe not because of that. In her Uh Huh Her album (released in 2004) PJ Harvey not only played all the instruments, but, she was also the producer for it. Unfortunately, unlike the movie Laurel Canyon (by Lisa Cholodenko) there are not many women music producers out there. Because of that, I want to to say PJ Harvey: Thank you for representing.

Debora Copaken Kogan (Photojournalist, Writer, Performer) – Despite the fact that she is also a Libra -obviously the best sign, ever- through Debora’s acclaimed book ShutterbabeI am learning about the tremendous hard work that goes behind being a photojournalist. Through her beautiful photos and her honest words she shares meaningful stories and she does so freely. Debora: Thank you for being fearless.